Shipping Policies & Information

Basic Points

Shipping wine is not like shipping a paperback book. Wine is perishable, heavy, the bottles are breakable and the deliveries require an adult signature. Protective shipping materials are required, and a single 750ml bottle weighs almost four pounds. We are always on the lookout for better ways of transporting wine, but meantime, please understand that proper packaging and shipping is a worthwhile investment to protect your purchase.

  • We usually ship your wine to you via Ground, or FedEx 2Day.

  • We may hold shipments if weather conditions are unsuitable. Please see below.

  • We can only ship where it is legal to do so and only to people aged 21 or above.  Our Shipping Partner will require you to present identification in order to confirm your identity and legal age.

  • An adult signature is always required to receive wine shipments. For this reason it is often easier to ship to a business address. We strongly recommend shipping to a business address whenever possible.

  • Please ensure that your shipping address is complete and correct.


Wine can be damaged if exposed to temperatures of 85°F or above. For that reason we normally do not ship Ground when the temperature is predicted to be at or above 85°F at our location, your location or en route between the two. Temperatures below freezing can also affect wine and we exercise caution in those conditions also.

Whatever shipping method is used, it is especially important that an adult be present to sign for receipt of the wine at the time of delivery. Otherwise the wine stays on the truck, thereby exposing it to the elements and the possibility of damage to the wine.


  • PLEASE NOTE:  Our online Shipping Calculator only 'plays nicely' with quantities of up to 2 Cases (or 24 Bottles), for Ground or 2-Day Shipping.  Pricing for these options is shown below, and the choice of shipment method will be available for your selection during the Checkout process.  For a quote on Overnight Shipping, or on quantities of over 2 Cases, please contact us for a custom quote.
  • If your state is not listed below, we're very sorry, but it's not legal for us to ship directly due to regulations.  Currently, we CANNOT ship to:  AL, AK, DE, KY, MA, MS, ND, OK, PA, SD or UT.  (For more backstory on interstate shipping regulations, visit