Wine is Alive ...

One of the big reasons for my mentor Chris Carpenter's success has been his focus on “understanding” the specific terroir in the Napa Valley.  He taught me that this appreciation for what the land itself contributes is absolutely key to creating wines that are reflective of our perfect environment here in Napa.

With Evidence, I try always to apply that approach, while adding my own stylistic twists…..not unlike reinterpreting a food recipe to present my own specific flavor profiles and nuances.

As with any recipe, the end results are dictated by the quality of the ingredients and the care that goes into the making.

Soil, grapes, sunshine, water, yeast, wood, time and attention ... lots of attention, will yield a glass full of something delightful. A perfect accompaniment to the other nourishments, both physical and spiritual, that we all need to thrive in our everyday lives. 

Wine is alive.  Each wine has an inherent character of its own, which must be embraced and encouraged, coddled and coaxed into revealing itself.  Work with your fruit, and you will end up with something that is pleasing to the palate, and to the soul.